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What are the benefits of a smart home? Is a smart home safe?

The key benefits of a smart home are comfort, economy and safety. A smart home relieves its inhabitants from a lot of different activities related to  running the household. From things as mundane as unattended iron on, a slightly open door, or a failing plumbing system to some more advanced activities like the system preparing your coffee and keeping it hot as you come back home from work. It is possible to monitor and control the devices from every place on earth. Just a smartphone with an appropriate app is enough to turn the light on in the kitchen of your apartment in Warsaw while spending your time on holiday in Hawaii. Of course, with the appropriate settings you do not even need to take your phone out of your pocket, because the system will manage everything on its own brilliantly. 



Is a smart home safe?


Safety in building automation is currently a hot topic in the discussion about smart homes. Basically, the security of such a house can be divided into three elements:


1. The safety of the smart home hub (the controller) – the device which connects the user to their system. At Fibaro we use several levels of security. The connection itself is encrypted, in a way similar to connecting with one’s online bank account. On top of the encrypted connection, the identity of the person connecting to the system is through a two-step authentication process.


2. The communication protocol security – in this element, the choice of technology that the smart home will use to communicate is crucial. FIBARO uses the Z-Wave technology which currently is considered the best in the context of security. It is the first choice of lock and alarm systems producers. The security of the protocol is also assured through advanced data encryption technologies. Recently, we were happy to learn that the Z-Wave technology will be able to attain certification for being used in wireless security systems, and by that, offer an even higher standard of safety.


3. Data safety – when it comes to securing the privacy of users there is a variety of available solutions on the market. In Fibaro systems all user data is stored locally in the central device (the Home Center 2 controller) which is located in the user’s home. The system supplier cannot view them in any way – the aspects of privacy and security are our priority.