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Flush mount loudspeakers with an elegant look and a minimum visual impact

AUDAC’s high-end slim ceiling speaker series guarantees an optimal experience for every situation and application. 



CENA Series – SpringFit™ ceiling loudspeakers


The CENA series is designed to offer a cost-effective solution, with three models – 4.5 ”, 6.5” and 8 ” – with a single cone and a low profile construction, which allows placement in locations with limited ceiling space.


The SpringFit™ installation system allows installation of the ceiling loudspeakers in a snap. Bend the mounting arms inwards and insert the speaker through the provided cut-out. The spring loaded mechanism will flip out and lock the speaker behind the ceiling surface. Once released, the speaker is ready to use.



CIRA Series – QuickFit™ ceiling loudspeakers


AUDAC’s high-quality in-ceiling speakers deliver exceptional sound quality and value for a wide variation of applications, ranging from paging and announcements to background music systems in a wide range of business applications, including hotels, restaurants and pubs, corporate offices, retail stores, etc. The mounting of all these speakers into the ceiling is achieved with a QuickFit™ mechanism, offering a great installers convenience and lifetime stability.


The CIRA series are coaxial 2-way ceiling speakers featuring exceptional intelligibility and musical performance. The TwistFix™ borderless grill design offers easy but solid assembly and a completely seamless transition from grill to ceiling. This results in a perfect blend in to its environment. The QuickFit™ installation system combined with FastCon™ connector offers lifetime stability and great installers convenience.



CELO Series – QuickFix™ ceiling loudspeakers


The CELO series consists of four two-way speakers – 2 “, 4”, 6 “and 8” – with a white SlimLine™ grid. Due to its very thin border of only 1 mm and a limited grill depth which emerges from the ceiling surface by only 3.2 mm, these speakers will become nearly invisible when mounted. Great ease and installers convenience is guaranteed using the QuickFix™ mechanism with GoldCon™ connectivities.

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