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High fidelity speakers for the integrated home

Home owners and builders are outfitting houses with the latest and greatest in entertainment, security, and other ‘smart’ features. Most new homes and renovations include enormous HDTVs, app-controlled smoke and fume detectors that double as night lights, alarm systems that can be tested and set from anywhere in the world, nearly silent garage doors and laundry machines, custom doorbell systems with video monitoring, smart lighting controls – and the list goes on! Every purchase made by the home owner comes from his assessment of which manufacturer can provide the best appliance or system for the best price. Taken into consideration is the performance, quality, durability, and amount of features. Sometimes, the home owner or home builder may not be familiar with a particular category of purchases (ie: home theater paraphernalia) and so they will rely on a specialized dealer to help make purchasing decisions.


When it comes to choosing the high fidelity speakers for a home project, relying on a professional installer is especially important. The differences between speaker manufacturers and even high fidelity speakers offered by the same manufacturer can be vast. Furthermore, there is a number of high fidelity speaker specifications that must be considered to ensure the proper speaker is installed for a particular purpose and environment.


For example, when a home owner is looking for outdoor sound, consider: the environment they live in, the spaces available for surface mounting speakers, the spaces available for speakers that are set on the ground, how much area should be audibly covered, and the aesthetics of the area. When a home owner is looking for a living room audio solution, consider: is the family listening to music or action-packed movies, are in-wall speakers going to violate any rental contract, is there enough space for floor standing speakers, the style of the space, how open or closed the room is, and the amount of hard versus soft surfaces within the vicinity.


With the complexity that surrounds any audio installation decision, it’s very important to seek aid from a certified dealer of audio products. Contact us!