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Speaker LED’s – the new must have

The new must-have in audio market is the LED speakers. For this reason, WHD engineers have designed R 240 LED, a phenomenal speaker that is easy to install, offers quality sound and stylish design, completed with LED lighting effects.

The R 240 LED is a 2-way Hi-Fi design recessed speaker, ideal for music reproduction in villas, restaurants, lobbies, doctor’s offices/legal practices etc. The R 240 LED is fitted with a 166 mm woofer and coaxial tweeter arrangement. There are two variants available: The “R 240 LED-8” is equipped with a 230V power supply, a wireless radio receiver and a RGB-LED controller. The white glass screen can be brought thus in different colors to shining. The color processes is controlled via the radio remote control contained in the scope of supply. The “R 240 LED-8 Slave” is available with RGB LEDs and can only be operated in connection with one ” R 240 LED-8 Controller”. Max. 9 “Slaves” can be operated with one “Controller”.