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Attract more customers with double-sided displays for shop windows

Thoughtful, engaging content in a storefront window has the power to engage customers and ultimately lead them into the store. 


The OMN-D Series features a double-sided screen, with each side adjusted for the environments in which it is utilized. The window-facing side’s 3000nit brightness helps maintain picture integrity regardless of sunlight, while the in-store side features 1000nit, delivering information clearly.



The window-facing screen features bright visuals and prominent positioning, giving passersby motivation to enter the store. Samsung’s OMN Series displays not only deliver an image with fl awless clarity, but also are designed to maintain its superior picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight – a common challenge for conventional in-window displays.


Indoor-facing displays enhance the shopping experience with content promoting sales, new merchandise and additional information about the store and its services.


This single display reduces equipment and installation costs, increasing operational effi ciency, compared to installing two separate displays.



In addition, with a slim and sleek design, the OMN series is compatible with any window layout and highlights the sophisticated and modern style of the brand. The OMN series also delivers bright and clear images while consuming a low amount of power, which positions businesses to reduce overall costs and optimize efficiency considerably.



The OMN Series’ embedded MagicINFO Player S6, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, boosts the display’s overall performance, allowing for easy content management and ensuring seamless content transition and playback.


With IP5X-validated dust protection and a proprietary 3-step process to prevent damage from overheating, OMN series displays stand the test of time.