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Audio-Video Distribution for Whole Home

Homes today have flatopanel TVs in virtually every room. With all these TVs come unsightly black boxes, cables, and other equipment. Interior decorators absolutely hate them. Redundant set-top boxes and other sources for every room in the home are unattractive, costly, maintenance intensive, and reduce available living space. Remote controls usually come with these devices and are different for every room, which only confuses the homeowner.


Atlona’s matrix switchers allow any source to be routed to any television in the home. All equipment is centrally located and becomes a shared resource where it is out of sight ,which maintains the elegance of the home. System service is easier since all hardware is centrally located. Atlona matrix switchers are available in several different sizes and with HDMI or HDBaseT™ outputs to support TVs up to 328 feet (100 meters) from the switch.