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Awaiting the spring-summer season 2019. SONANCE outdoor sound system

Sonance sound systems for outdoor use are designed to deliver best-in-class performance and best looking aesthetics in every exterior environment.


From courtyards and patios to entire residential estates or resort gardens, Sonance is the undisputed leader in high fidelity sound for the great outdoors.



Sonance systems are composed of subwoofers, satellites and / or speakers of different shapes and types. Sonance subwoofers are partially buried in the ground, and satellites can be hidden among plants and leaves.





SONARRAY SR1 System features eight satellite speakers and a below-ground subwoofer that is designed to fill areas of up to 2000 square feet (180 sqm) with a perfectly even blanket of high quality sound. With everything hidden under plants, crystal clear music seemingly emanates from the foliage, creating atmosphere and ambience.


The SONARRAY SR1 satellite speakers are constructed from a natural earth tone color-molded composite that won’t corrode or flake  over  time  and  resists  chips  and  scratches.  Once installed   they   are   easily   camouflaged   amongst   plants and foliage.


SONARRAY brings a whole new level of atmosphere and ambience to backyard entertaining.



Sonance Landscape Series


Redesigned and engineered for ultimate performance in any outdoor space, SLS Series paves the way for premium audio in outdoor environments. The family includes two satellite speaker models, two in-ground subwoofers, and one hardscape subwoofer.


SLS is designed to surround the listening area with numerous speakers and subwoofers that fit into the landscape among the elements of the great outdoors. The system blends seamlessly into the surroundings and visibly match the shape and design of most landscape lighting.


Sonance Landscape Series satellite speakers are constructed from a dark brown composite that won’t corrode or flake over time and is easily camouflaged amongst plants and foliage. The all-weather design ensures years of reliable service, while the color-molded construction resists chipping and scratches, even if accidentally hit with garden tools.


Sonance Landscape Series is totally scalable to suit any size space and can be expanded at any time afterwards as needed.


Sonance Landscape Series was designed to operate under the most extreme weather conditions, from -20˚ to 190˚ F (-29˚ to 88˚ C).