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New freedom of movement for people and ideas – Kindermann Huddle Space

The new term “Huddle-Space“ (or Team-Space) refers to communication zones or miniature workplaces, that fulfill this requirement, which can be used by teams from two to five persons to spontaneously and discreetly exchange ideas and collaborate in a relaxed atmosphere – most often implementing modern, audio-visual means of communication.



Communication zones of such type are typically installed in addition to standard meeting rooms and utilize available open spaces in office segments, lounge and transit areas or waiting zones/ lobbies in companies, education facilities or hotels.


Benefits are cost savings by reducing the number of meeting rooms and increased efficiency of employees by shortening and accelerating decision-making processes.



Kindermann solutions fulfill the requirements for modern, modular and scalable Huddle-Spaces and support platform-independent implementation of omnipresent communication devices such as Windows and Mac laptops or Apple and Android tablets or smartphones. BYOD is the buzzword here – „Bring your own device“.


The majority of these solutions can be used in an intuitive way without complex installation, offering the choice of either wired or wireless connection and thus allow a new dimension of interactivity between persons using modern audio-visual technology – referred to as “Collaboration”.


Kindermann CablePort QuickPresent air



Kindermann CablePort QuickPresent air is a modern tabletop presentation solution, which comes in a sleek design housing, allowing up to three persons to share their HDMI laptops, plus the content of a single Android or Apple smart device (tablet, smartphone) and show it on the main display or projector.


All HDMI sources are connected using three smooth-running cable retractors. The active signal is transmitted from the meeting table to the display device using modern wireless technology.


Gone are the times of lost connection cables – your meeting table stays clean.


The solution is easy to use due to touch-sensitive, LED illuminated sensor buttons.



Kindermann DisplayMobil



Kindermann DisplayMobil is a motorized display cart for easy-to-integrate corporate, education and hospitality presentation environments such as meeting rooms, huddle spaces, classrooms and more. 


Featuring a contemporary, sleek design and slim profile, Kindermann DisplayMobil provides enough room to accommodate a flat screen of up to 55”.


The flat screen remains completely invisible when not in use and is raised to its working position by a motorized lift. In addition, the solution provides ample space for additional AV equipment.