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New solutions for new challenges – Kindermann CablePort desk² wave

Today conference and office furniture must feature mains, network and multimedia interfaces for the use of digital media.


The new CablePort desk² wave combines technology, functionality and a top design. The plain style and the striking radius of the curving metal parts contribute to the unique design.



The flexible clamp mechanism of the CablePort desk² wave guarantees its universal use in the modern office world.


The new desktop connection panel CablePort desk² wave reflects the current smart phone developments. The casing provides an integrated tray that allows for wireless inductive charging complying the Qi standard.



The CablePort desk² wave is made of anodized high- quality aluminum and provides 2 power socket (Schuko) and a USB charger (2xUSB type A/1.5A).


Unused space can individually be configured using Konnect flex 45 click panels. With a retractor integrated into the panel, the cable can be pulled out by up to approx. 15” (40cm). Options are: 1 USB micro plug and 1 USB type C plug. Backside provides both options with a USB type A plug. Maximal supported charging current: 5V/2A.



On demand the CablePort desk² wave can be delivered with international mains sockets.