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Sound-absorbing panel with a spectacular design

Dot is a circular sound-absorbing panel that conveys a full, harmonious appearance, completing and customising the room from an ethical point of view.


The Dot single-sided, upholstered sound-absorbing panel is designed to be installed in rooms with high reverberation times. The panel has two different fastening systems: fixed to the ceiling or wall with tracks or attached to the ceiling with steel cables. The cable system lets you position the panels at different heights so they can adapt better to the dimensions of the room.



The internal sound-absorbing material is available in Basotect® melamine resin by Basf® or in Whisper® material by Stratocel®, which improves the room’s acoustic absorption by reducing reverberation and background noise. Let’s take the example of a venue used by dozens of people every day: by installing Dot sound-absorbing panels at various points in the room, it can significantly reduce speech reverberation and guarantee maximum acoustic comfort for the people in the room.


A major advantage of Caruso Acoustic products is that its sound-absorbing panels can be fitted with LED lights to provide the correct lighting for a room: indeed, the lighting fixtures have been designed so they are perfectly integrated into the sound-absorbing system.


Effective acoustic absorption, durability and safety: Caruso sound-absorbing panels have been conceived and designed to guarantee the best acoustic absorption performance, with special emphasis on their choice of materials.



The internal sound-absorbing material is 50mm thick and available in two different types: Basotect® melamine resin by Basf® and Whisper® by Stratocell®. The latter is particularly recommended for environments with high humidity, such as swimming pools, changing rooms and canteens.


Available in a wide range of colours, the finishing fabric is Oeko-Tex certified, while the internal sound-absorbing materials undergo repeated production checks to guarantee the highest quality and performance over time.


The very favourable weight/surface ratio is essential for easy installation, but also for any removal and relocation needed to carry out regular maintenance work at the venue, e.g. painting. Safe and user-friendly fastening systems make installation easy.