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JOAN Room Booking – A unique, sustainable and green WIRELESS solution

JOAN is an all-in-one solution for reserving your meeting and huddle spaces and the only room booking solution developed from the ground up especially for conference room signage. 



Benefits of Efficient Room Booking

  • Saves time and increases productivity 
  • Easier to manage and book meeting spaces 
  • Better utilisation of meeting spaces 
  • Ownership of booked space is more evident 
  • Provides powerful insights into meeting space use 



What Makes JOAN Unique?


Save time, energy, and money. With JOAN.

  • Completely wireless
  • Extremely power-efficient 
  • Battery life measured in months
  • No installation costs
  • Easy to manage
  • Intuitive
  • Sustainable & green



Effortless Installation


JOAN devices are completely wireless and can be attached with a self-adhesive Magnetic Mount (included) to any surface.


Ready to use out of the box

→ no installation necessary – no drilling, no wiring.


Completely hassle-free.



Compatible with Multiple Calendars


JOAN works as an extension of a company calendar.



How does JOAN work?