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Multiroom systems for private applications!

The same sound in the whole house AND individual musical pleasure in each room. WHD multiroom systems make both of these possible! 

Regardless of whether you want to play the same music throughout the house or whether Mum wants to enjoy chart music in the bath while Dad listens to classical music on the balcony and the kids are turning the volume of the latest songs up and down in their bedrooms.

WHD multiroom systems are tailored to your needs!

Do you generally listen to the radio? No problem! Some WHD multiroom systems already have radios installed! Or do you prefer to listen to Internet radio? Then simply connect your computer to a WHD multiroom system and listen to the news from around the world in every room or even on the terrace! Is your favourite music on your smartphone and do you want to play it? Then transfer your songs via Bluetooth or WiFi to a WHD multiroom system and enjoy them anywhere in the house.

Often it is the little things that make a big difference.

Press the “EVERYTHING OFF” button on the control units of your WHD multiroom system and you can rest easy when you leave the house. You can be certain that no music will be left playing in any room or outdoors. 

When you arrive back home, the best thing to do is to launch your multiroom system with a saved preset that exactly meets your needs. For example, preset 1 might play the radio in the hall, dining room, kitchen and WC at the desired volume for each room, whereas preset 2 would play your music library on your computer upstairs. Preset 3 could provide the accompaniment to your morning mood in the bedroom and bathroom, whereas preset 4 might mean party time – playing the same music everywhere at high volume and with a good amount of bass.

WHD multiroom systems provide you with the greatest possible convenience.

Relax in the bath and control your WHD multiroom system using the remote control! Drift off to music and allow yourself to be woken up gently by your WHD multiroom system

Multiroom systems from WHD can be seamlessly integrated into your building automation system.

They add the finishing touch to your property. Press the “home” button to open the shutters, turn the hall light on and have your favourite music greet you in the dining room and kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether you control your building with the buttons installed in the wall (e.g. KNX) or with a touch panel or app. The control units of the WHD multiroom systems fit in all standard switch programs!