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Security solutions for prisons and detention centers

Detention facilities demand highly reliable, continuously monitored communication paths that must be available around the clock. The Commend security and communication solution is adapted to everyday prison life and provides added value in terms of security in all areas under surveillance. 


Voice and video communication between cells, corridors, doors, gates, airlocks and barriers on the one side, and Main Control Rooms and Section Monitoring stations on the other needs to be of the highest quality and constantly monitored. This ensures ultimate protection and security for both officers and people in custody. 



Applications and Key Benefits


Cell Intercom system: always on duty and in working order


Constant automatic self-monitoring allows Commend Intercom systems to ensure proper functionality of all their system components and connections. To do so, the Intercom stations run periodic automated function tests on their microphone and loudspeaker units. If a component is found to fail a test, alarm and notification messages are sent to the corresponding building and security management systems.


Listening in on suspicious conversations among inmates


Wardens can easily listen in on in-cell conversations and, if required, record them without being noticed. This helps to reveal and prevent planned acts of violence.


Making your announcements heard


  • In emergencies, it is vital to be able to make announcements in a clear, easily audible and perfectly intelligible to everyone concerned. All integrated Public Address equipment and Cell Intercom stations at the command post are ready and available to serve this essential purpose.
  • Loudspeakers and Intercom stations can easily be grouped into playback zones to target information messages even more precisely.


One system – helpful in any situation


  • Multi-functional Commend Control Desks make responding to emergency situations quick and easy.
  • At the push of a button, automated playback of warning and reassurance messages helps to deescalate critical situations.
  • Coordinating wardens and emergency services via radio communication, and directing special forces via telephone – all from the same central Control Desk.


Active protection for custodial staff


  • Intercom stations for door access control and security airlocks help to maintain a safe, coordinated movement of persons on the premises.
  • Surface sensing function for cell emergency calls / Audio Monitoring
    • The surface sensing function helps to protect custodial staff when entering a detention cell. In critical situations, simply touching the surface of the front panel is all it takes to trigger an alarm.
    • While they are inside the cell, staff can also activate Audio Monitoring, which will trigger an alarm automatically if a certain sound volume level is exceeded.

Ward’s main switchboard

Overview – Surveillance – Control

Section Monitoring

Conversation – Alarms – EM*

Software solutions for Prison Control Centres

Easy replacement of existing cell control systems

Cell communication

Visitor Management

Access Control

In-building communication

Public Address via IP connections

Integrated System – Interfaces / Input – Output control


*EM – Emergency Management