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Bachmann Smart Solutions


Facility Solutions

Bachmann FACILITY SOLUTIONS provide a wide range of desk connection panels and flexible systems for installation in buildings. The various desk connection panels are available in numerous designs and models for fitting in and on desks. They are used primarily in offices, training and conference rooms. One technical highlight is the CUSTOM MODULES, which offer long-term flexibility for data and media connections. CUSTOM MODULES can be retrofitted or interchanged quickly and easily. They therefore offer a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to future requirements in the dynamic world of data and media connections. The desk connection panels are available with all current international power strips.


DESK is the ideal solution for data, media and power management wherever workstations need to be flexible. Typical situations might include meeting rooms, home offices or desk sharing environments.

DESK 2 is a multiple-socket outlet that can be populated with various communication modules. It has been designed for flexible use in the office, meeting rooms, home offices or desk sharing environments.

CONFERENCE is ideal for conference and training desks and tables and high-grade workstations alike, CONFERENCE is a truly refined and discreet solution for individual access to power and data connections.

TOP FRAME  is the new power and data supply solution for conference facilities. With its completely recessable cover, power and data can be conveniently accessed from any seat around the table.

TWIST is a power strip for office, lounge and kitchen areas. With its compact design and low installation depth, it is easily integrated in desks or kitchen worktops.

ELEVATOR fits perfectly in any working environment. At 79 mm in diameter, ELEVATOR is ideal for integrating power and data connections in tiny spaces.

LIFT is the totally practical combination of sophisticated looks and high-precision mechanical design. The unit is recessed neatly in the worktop when not in use. Simply touch to raise out of the work surface ready for docking on all four sides.

POWER FRAME COVER – An elegant and attractive aluminium cover, designed especially for conference and office environments with a strong design element, which also protects power and data connections from dust and dirt.

CONI brings flexibility to the desktop, for example in conference and training rooms. CONI facilitates unrestricted individual access to power, media and data right on the table or desk top.

CONI COVER is an elegant way of accessing separate power supply units or standard cable installation systems under the tops of desks and tables. It is ideal, for example, for desks and tables with built-in cable ducts.

POWER FRAME is the compact solution for integrated and easily accessible power and data connections to workstations. They can be either factory fitted or supplied for retrofitting.

LanLight combines power, network connectivity, connections to media and even lighting in a modular, multifunctional system whose consistently modular construction lets you adapt and use it flexibly in office environments.