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A new way to mount your IMEO1 – MBK440 versatile screen mount bracket


The MBK440 is a mounting bracket system for fixation of the IMEO1 soundbar on any screen with mounting points according to the VESA200 up to VESA600 display mounting standards. It allows easy mounting of the IMEO1 above and below the screen.





  • Above or below screen installation
  • Mounts on VESA fixation points of display bracket systems
  • Compatible with VESA200 up to VESA600 standards
  • Integrated cable guide for clean installation



Discover the IMEO1’s versatile functionality


The IMEO1 Soundbar features a slim and elegant design and includes all required functions for expansion of any audiovisual system with an impressive sound while having a minimal hassle for installation and being energy efficient with auto standby mode.



  • WaveSelect™


Our active loudspeaker systems with WaveSelect technology are equipped with a powerful internal Digital Signal Processor which gives you the option to choose from a number of programmed presets.


  • Hotel mode (Custom Bluetooth ID’s)


For installations with multiple IMEO1’s throughout the building, it can be very useful to assign custom Bluetooth ID’s to distinguish them from each other. This function allows you to name your IMEO1 after the hotel room the soundbar has been installed in.


  • True versatile mounting applications


It’s perfectly suited for installations such as classrooms, presentation rooms or meeting rooms where it can be used and installed in combination with screens, smartboards or projectors.


  • New Bluetooth pairing sounds


Introducing new pairing sounds for IMEO1. We have improved the IMEO1 with more audible ‘Connected’ and ‘Disconnected’ sounds for easier recognition. Update your device with the AUDAC System Manager.