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EN 60849:1998

Standard Name: Sound systems for emergency purposes

Object: PA systems used to alarm in emergency situations. The purpose of this standard is to specify the performance requirments for sound systems which are primarily intended to broadcast information for the protection of lives within one or more specified areas in an emergency. The standard gives the characteristics and the methods of test necessary for the specification of the system.

Scope: This  International Standard applies to sound reinforcement and distribution systems to be used to effect a rapid and orderly mobilization of occupants in an indoor or outdoor area in an emergency situation. This standard applies to systems using tone signals and to systems with voice announcements for emergency purposes.

General system requirments:

Principal featuresa sound system for emergency purposes shall permit the broadcasting of intelligible information of measures to be taken for the protection of lives within one or more specified areas.

Responsible person shall be responsible for ensuring that the system is properly maintained and repaired so as to continue to operate as specified.

Prioritiesit is necessary to decide upon an order of priority for the message distribution.

Safety requirementsthe safety requirments applying to emergency sound systems are given in IEC 60065 or other appropriate IEC safety standards.

System technical requirements:

–  Speech intelligibility over all of an area of coverage

– Automatic status indication

– Automatic fault monitoring

– Monitoring of software controlled equipment

– Interface with emergency detection system

– Secondary power supply

– Climatic and environmental conditions

– Marking and symbols for marking – equipment shall be permanently marked with information regarding its function.

– Electrical matching values

– Connectors – shall comply with IEC 60268-11 or IEC 60268-12