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V‐Count Solutions – Peolple Counter


1. Total Traffic Counting

This is the most fundamental analysis needed for a shopping mall, to find out how many people visit the mall and see these numbers on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The total number of visitors is calculated by 3D Alpha+ people counters installed at every single entrance (main entrance, car park entrance, back door etc). This will give you an understanding of your visitor trends, when people prefer to come by, which entrances are in most use and compare these results between different dates and times.

2. Floor Counting 

The crowd in the mall across each floor is scattered unevenly based on the attractions offered on different levels. To better analyse visitors’ behavior and mall performance, we put 3D Alpha+ cameras at lifts, elevators, staircases or any type of entrance to each floor to determine to total people count on every level. We can also derive a compare/contrast analysis of each floor and each entrance type to find out their usage popularity.

3. Heatmap Analysis

4. Anchor Store Visitor Counting

5. Hallway Counting & Occupancy