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Solutions for Comfort & Safety

For paging to be effective, announcement must be audible. Broadcasting at the proper volume (about 6 dB to 10 dB higher than the ambient noise level) and frequency range (bandwidth of approx. 200 to 7 kHz, which distinguishes the consonants and vowels) ensure that the announcement can be clearly heard. Therefore,  appropriate speaker selection and placement are critical to acoustical success. TOA free acoustic simulation software (SPV) enables the right speaker selection and layout without complicated calculation. In case of significant ambient noise fluctuation, such as shopping malls, TOA Automatic Ambient Noise Controller (DP-L2) automatically adjust the sound volume according to the ambient noise level.


In the reverberant rooms, TOA line array speakers, such as Type-X or HX-5 series, help direct sound increase and reflected sound decrease to optimize the sound quality. The key criteria of designing a good system are clear sound, right functions, ease of installation and maintenance, durability and reliability, flexibility for future expansion and changes, and the factoring of these criteria into the overall cost.