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TOA Safety Concept for Schools

TOA is committed to the Safety of schools and the education markets in case of any emergency situation or incidents that may arise in a precise and efficient manner. Emergencies can be informed immediately to a central operator, within or external to the building and measures can be initiated immediately.

Using a TOA Alarm- and Communication System you have the ideal protection for students and teachers alike, based on a seamless communication chain in accordance with the safety measures for AMOK protection. This is achieved by communication between classrooms and principal offices.

Understanding that other utilities and services are necessary, TOA’s Alarm and communication system can interface to existing systems offering additional benefits and advantages for daily communications, besides emergencies only.

TOA has developed a Safety Concept for schools targeting:

  • Risk/Emergency cases can be informed immediately at a central point
  • Permanent availability of the called person
  • Conversation to and from the classroom
  • Avoiding false alarms
  • Supporting-/Safety Measures will be initiated immediately
  • Students and teachers will be informed, therefore protected in all emergency cases: immediately and in a secured situation
  • Easy to use and effective communication
  • Supports the action plan in all phases of an emergency or amok situation
  • Different configurations and expansion stages allow an adaption with economic requirements