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TOA Solutions for Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Fast-Foods

A pub/restaurant is divided into 6 listening zones: bar area, dining area, display area, patio, waiting area and kitchen.

System Requirements:

  • An optimum sound environment must be created in each of these areas. This means providing lovely music in bar, unobtrusive BGM in dining area, and dynamic sound to match large-screen displays.
  • BGM levels should be automatically optimized during lunchtime, cafe time and dinner time.
  • Sound layouts should be flexible enough simultaneously cater to normal customers, as well as parties and other events.
  • Contact with the kitchen and backyard area should also be possible using a single microphone and broadcasts should not be audible by customers.


A typical fast food restaurant is often divided into 3 listening zones: 1st floor, 2nd floor and parking lot. The restaurant area will often have a counter for taking orders, a nearby section with tables, and a 2nd floor seating section.

System Requirements:

  • Separate BGM zones should be established for the 1st floor and 2nd floor restaurant areas, and for the parking lot.
  • Outside speakers should be able to handle store advertising and music separately inside speakers.
  • Cost-effective systems are preferable.