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TOA Solutions for mosque environments

As a company that understands and appreciates the special characteristics of mosque architecture, TOA can provide the optimal, high-quality sound system for every mosque.

The voice of Imam must reach every worshipper in the mosque. The Azan must be clearly heard to the farthest corners. Therefore microphones and speakers should be carefully selected and installed according to the architectural and acoustic characteristics of the mosque. However, most of mosques are rarely considered from the acoustic aspect, sothe echo, longer reverberations of sound and feedback deteriorate the intelligibility of Azan and Khutba. 

TOA recommends the right equipment in the application examples to optimize the acoustic environment of mosque, based on its high technology and decades of experience. Horn speaker at the minaret spread the powerful Azan over a wider area, thanks to the durable and wide-frequency range polyamide diaphragms. Line array and 2-way box speakers have an appropriate dispersion angle, which suppresses not only echo and feedback but also disperses the uniform sound inside the mosque.