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10 reasons to choose the NOBA8(A) subwoofer


1. Beautiful, innovative design


The rounded design housing made of 4mm thick aluminium makes the NOBA8(A) totally different compared to other subwoofers that were available until now. This subwoofer doesn’t have to be hidden in the corner but is a real addition to your interior.


2. No amplifier needed


The NOBA8A is an active subwoofer with its own internal amplifier and DSP processor. This eliminates the need to install additional amplifiers and associated cables.


3. High power, small housing


The NOBA8(A) is with its height of only 150mm the smallest subwoofer in its category and combined with 2” CELO, MERO or ATEO speakers the most complete and compact installation currently available.


4. Connect up to 8 satellite loudspeakers


The NOBA8(A) has two extras 150-Watt amplifier outputs for connecting up to 8 AUDAC satellite loudspeakers.


5. Can be placed almost everywhere


The NOBA8(A) is supplied with rubber feet that allow it to be placed on a flat surface or under a piece of furniture. The optional MBK410C ceiling mounting bracket allows central positioning on any ceiling.


6. Acoustically optimized with WaveDynamics™


The NOBA8(A) uses AUDAC’s WaveDynamics™ technology, which allows the user to easily set up the optimal acoustic configuration. The user can simply load its preferred audio settings through NOBA8(A)’s integrated USB input.


7. Remote controllable


The AUDAC RMT40 is optionally available for wireless volume control. By adding an AUDAC AMP523, the system can also be controlled via the (wi-fi) network.


8. Easy to install


There are numerous set solutions available where the NOBA8(A) is configured with various loudspeakers. Choose the package that best fits the application, the size of the room and the way the satellite loudspeakers should be placed.


9. Energy efficient


The NOBA8A has an energy efficient power supply, the latest Class-D amplifier technology and automatic standby functionality.


10. Unheard low-frequency response


An integrated extremely powerful 8” woofer of 300Watts makes it possible to deliver an unheard low-frequency response for its small size.