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5 Key Benefits of Using Traffic Counters for Staff Scheduling

One central aspect of making any business successful is staff scheduling. While it may seem complicated to plan several employees’ work hours across different shifts, finding the right tools and technologies for efficient employee scheduling is crucial. It can be an easy way to improve efficiency, optimize performance, enhance customer service, and increase profits.


Utilizing a people counting solution is the easiest way to enhance your staff scheduling. By knowing the foot traffic in your physical locations, you can understand your peak and off-peak traffic hours and increase or decrease the number of employees you have for a given time accordingly.



What is staff scheduling?


Staff scheduling is simply setting up different times for employees on your roster to come to work. This is especially essential for businesses that run on shifts. Regardless of the type of business you run, from retail and shopping malls to restaurants and supermarkets, keeping track of your employees is important for various reasons.


People counting for staff scheduling


In today’s business world, various tools and technologies have been developed for staff scheduling. The biggest advantage of using such technologies is that they save managers time and effort.


The best way to optimize employee scheduling is to use a foot traffic counter. People counters help you understand how many people are in your store at any given time. By looking at the visitor traffic data on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, you will be able to understand the patterns and times in which your customers visit your stores, as well as the ratio of staff to customers, which in turn gives you an idea on whether you are under- or over-staffed.



Using a foot traffic counter from V-Count is an excellent option for any business looking to optimize staff scheduling. By accessing employee to foot traffic data on a single dashboard on our business intelligence platform (BIP), you can easily determine whether you need to increase or decrease employees’ numbers during peak hours to maximize profits. The system also detects understaffed hours automatically and gives recommendations on staff scheduling accordingly.


5 key benefits of staff scheduling


Let’s find out how employee scheduling can be an essential asset to optimize your business and increase profits.


1. Minimize errors


Leveraging technology and employee scheduling software comes with a host of benefits for business managers and helps minimize human error.


2. Manage staff schedules for different departments


Staff scheduling is a must for any business with multiple employees. It’s important to implement the right employee scheduling solution to keep track of different operations across various shifts and departments.


3. Forecast peak hours based on past trends


Combining employee scheduling with data analytics can boost their effectiveness.
By cross-referencing foot traffic and sales data, you can analyze past trends and determine your busiest times. You can then schedule your staff accordingly for high traffic times.


4. Assess employee performance


People counting software can come in handy when it’s time to evaluate your employees’ performance by looking at sales data corresponding to different employees’ shifts. This way, you can determine if a specific employee or group of employees excel at making sales, you can then schedule your best employees when you need them the most.


5. Make time to invest in your staff


Happy employees make happy customers, and using employee scheduling combined with traffic counters can help you figure out a downtime during the day that could be used to train your employees to take on new tasks.
This approach will make employees feel like part of a team that values their career growth.