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5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Conversion Rates

All big businesses know that getting people to visit your store is only the first step in the selling process. The most difficult part is converting these visitors into customers; not just one-time customers, but regulars. Statistics have shown that providing great customer experience is the key to increasing a business’ conversion rate. Conversely, here are 5 ways that you can improve the experience of every customer that enters your store:


Give every visitor a personalized experience


According to a study by Demand Gen Report, providing a personalized experience can increase sales by almost 20%. Customers want to feel special and recognized, and by personalizing your interactions with them, you gain their attention and their interest. Another way to gain your customer’s attention is by providing content that was designed specifically for them.



However, different people have different interests and it is not so easy to provide personalized content to the hundreds of different people that will visit your business daily. This is where mood, age, and gender recognition comes in handy. It allows you to detect a customer’s mood as they walk into your store, allowing you to interact with them based on their current frame of mind.


Additionally, MAG recognition can be used to create targeted advertisements and the screens in your store can be programmed to show ads that are only pertinent to the person standing in front of it. For example, the advert shown to a middle-aged man will be different from that shown to a teenage girl. This further improves the customer’s interaction with your store, leading to more sales and a higher conversion rate.


Provide top-class customer service


Businesses that provide superior customer service always get the lion share of customers in the market. This is a fact that is as old as time itself. If you do not treat your customers right, they will go to a competitor that will. As a matter of fact, a study by reports that within a day of receiving bad customer service from a business, 47% of customers will move to a competitor.


Top-class customer service transcends smiling and saying hello to your customers. You have to treat everyone that visits your store like a premium customer; interact with them as if they were your only customer and watch one-time buyers turn into regular customers. If you consistently convert a good percentage of your visitors into repeat customers, your conversion rate will improve significantly.


Improve in-store operations


Nothing causes cart abandonment more than long wait lines in a store. Increased cart abandonment leads to lost sales opportunities and reduced conversion rates. Furthermore, when customers visit your store, they don’t want to spend 10 minutes navigating and looking for the products that they want. Long queues and a complicated store layout will lose you a lot of customers, fast.


Using heatmap data, you can tell which area of your store receives the most visitors and which products people interact with the most. A smart move would be to make those areas as accessible as possible. Additionally, put related products in the same area, making it easier for customers to find them. Queue management systems can also be leveraged to reduce wait lines at the checkout counters.



When your best-selling products are easy to find; when your store is uncluttered and indexed properly; when checkout takes less than a minute, your customers are happier for it. Happy customers mean more sales and higher conversion rates.


Resolve complaints swiftly and reward loyal customers


No matter how much you personalize your content and interaction; no matter how good your customer service is; no matter how optimal your in-store operations are, customers will always have one or two complaints. Whether physically in the store or on social media platforms, always respond to complaints swiftly and provide solutions as quickly as you can. Your customer conversion rate depends on it.


Another way to ensure that customers keep coming back is by introducing a loyalty rewards program. This may come in the form of discounts when a certain number of items are purchased or a small gift for customers that have visited your store a number of times. According to this report, 56% of consumers said that their consideration of a brand improves when they receive personalized incentives.


Leverage data to increase conversions


In-store data will tell you how effective your strategies are, what things you are doing well, and the things that need to be improved. For example, measuring visitor traffic will allow you to measure the performance of new ad campaigns; how many more people are coming to your store since that new video aired?


Customer flow shows you how people move around in your store; which areas are more populated than others? Are customers getting clogged up in some sections? This can be easily resolved by improving the layout. What are your most bought products? You may increase sales further by pairing the 2 most popular items and giving out discounts to customers that purchase them together.


An effective way to increase customer conversions and sales is by predicting what your customers want and giving it to them. Be it products, services, or content; the more satisfied your customers are, the higher your conversion rate.