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6 Reasons to Choose the NMP40 SourceCone Module from Audac

1. AUDAC Touch™ 2 compatible


The NMP40 is controllable through the AUDAC touch™ 2 application for smart devices. The integration of both Spotify™ and Soundtrack Your Brand© streaming services ensures that the right ambience in all types of applications can be created from one simple out of your pocket solution.


2. A world-breaking collaboration with Soundtrack Your Brand©


Thanks to the compatibility with Soundtrack Your Brand©, the NMP40 offers the world’s largest catalogue of licensed music for public and commercial spaces. With this new streaming technology, AUDAC will take the lead in the AV industry to provide you with a professional streaming solution.


3. True plug and play solution


The SourceCon™ innovation allows installing the NMP40 quickly into the XMP44 professional modular audio system. Due to the automatic recognition of the modules, the XMP44 guarantees a true plug and play implementation to a wide range of versatile configuration possibilities.


4. Enjoy continuous sound


The NMP40 is designed to stream the highest quality music straight to your professional sound system directly from the cloud or local storage (SD card), avoiding any unwanted interruptions.



5. Spotify connect device


The most recent collaboration between Spotify™ and AUDAC allows the NMP40 to be fully integrated into the Spotify™ application, making it controllable via your phone, tablet or computer.


6. Dante network interface


The installation of the optional ANX44 module allows the XMP44 and NMP40 to be integrated into any Dante™ enabled AV network. Like this you could flawlessly transfer digital audio to any compatible product on the market.