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AI cameras will increase their workplace presence

Webcams were built for one-to-one conversation, rather than team collaboration. In their place, a new kind of AI camera will increasingly be seen in the workspace this year.



Artificial intelligence as a field has been in existence for decades but, only really in the past year has it suddenly begun to move from being an unfamiliar entity to be regarded as indispensable technology required to improve business processes.


One process that will benefit the most from the technology in 2019 is workplace collaboration and, to this end, we predict that AI cameras that facilitate this process will be increasingly present in the workspace this year. The simple fact is, webcams were never built for team collaboration, rather for one-to-one conversations. Bulky video conferencing gear has been developed to open up rooms, but for the most part is expensive and not designed for flexibility. Today’s global economy is made up of increasingly interconnected networks and these have created fast-paced collaborative environments in the workplace for millions around the globe.



Ironically, webcams and video conferencing were the tools that first enabled that change, but have now created the need for an evolution, and a new kind of camera needs to emerge – one that gives everyone a voice and seat at the table. Video conferencing cameras that act as smart sensors will deliver automated user experiences that reduce the need for participants to control the camera manually, making video meetings simpler and more user-friendly, enabling more effective collaboration.


The Internet of Things will also make our devices and spaces more helpful to us. In the meeting space, intelligent collaboration cameras will deliver analytical data about what happens in the space to management dashboards.


This analytic data will start with people counting, allowing office administrators to track usage of rooms throughout the day, and other automated user experiences.



2019 will see the rise and ubiquitousness of the smart workplace camera.