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Is the “all-inclusive” smart home desired anymore?

The smart home is a luxury item to many and dreamt of by the masses. But the means of delivering that experience is quickly changing.


It begs the question, beyond the high-end market, is the “all-inclusive” smart home desired anymore? The story has changed for many; a button press when you walk in the door that turns on your lights, plays your favorite station, and brings the house to a pleasant temperature. 


Today, most of these features have become intuitive and no longer need the interaction component. Install a “smart” thermostat, and it will learn your temperature lifestyle. Press the Musaic button on your smartphone, and a personalized radio station plays. As for the lights, they’re already on because they are set to the atomic clock. These are examples of separate systems not working together to automate anything. Are they, however, not accomplishing the same goals?


These smaller systems are performing their respective jobs, and doing them each very well—without glitches and rebooting. Add a speaker, change the lighting scene, and no programming changes are needed…no truck roll required.


You cannot deny the landscape of home control is shifting. So how do we, as residential technology professionals respond?


YES, there will always be a need for smart homes in some capacity, because the people will still demand it. Smart Home industry is in great flux.