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What noise levels are typical?

In quiet environments, such as residential areas, low traffic streets or hospitals, the noise level is 40 ~ 50 dB. Areas with normal noise levels, such as offices or homes, have a noise level of 50 ~ 65 dB. In noisy environments, such as supermarkets or busy streets, the noise level is 65 ~ 80 dB. There are very noisy environments, such as certain industrial zones or airport areas, where the noise level can reach 90 ~ 100 dB, which can damage hearing following lengthy exposure.


In Romania, according to the Minister of Health Order no. 536/1997, article 17, exterior noise level is measured at 3 m from the outer wall of the house and must be less than or equal to 50 dB(A) (noise curve 45). At home, during the day , the maximum is 35 dB(A) (noise curve 30).


During the night, maximum limits for noise are reduced by 10 dB. Thus the maximum permitted noise level becomes, after 22:00 – maximum 40 dB(A) for exterior and 25 dB(A) for the interior.