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Creating a Responsive and Immersive Workspace

Let’s face it, the majority of office spaces are boring – rows of computers, play safe interior design, a generic looking meeting room with a screen that nobody really knows how to use, I could go on…


Of course there’s a growing exception to this – the cliche Silicon Valley adult soft play-like environments of Google, Facebook and other companies who can burn billions for fun. They are pioneering a shift in the workplace. Research shows that more people are choosing to work remotely or for themselves as freelancers. In many creative and technology sectors skilled people are in such demand that the prospective employer dates and seduces to win them over. When the perks and salary are the same between two jobs, then a deciding factor can be the culture and environment.


The environments we live and play in are rich in sensory input. A visit to a theme park, museum, walk in a park, a pint at the pub or just being at home – the light, sound, smell and atmospherics of these places immerse our senses. 
Compare this to most offices and it’s like being put in a sensory deprivation tank, or in the more extreme open plan spaces, a flamingo’s tea party.


We need to create workplaces like we create immersive AV environments. By that, I mean like visitor attractions. Bringing AV tech and content to life using theatrical sequencing, personalisation, exploration and more.



The workplace is competing for attention with gaming, VR, home automation, social media, music, movies and more. I believe we can and should design AV-rich immersive spaces that are just as compelling – spaces that are intelligent, responsive and sympathetic to us.


Who doesn’t want to go to work in a jungle or take a lift to the space station for a meeting? Why should kids have all the fun!