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Why to choose the ATEO Series speakers from Audac

5 unique features of ATEO series



1. Easy installation


The connection of the loudspeaker simply happens by attaching the included wall plate to your desired location and wiring the cables to this wall plate. The CleverMount™ innovation ensures the installer to have both hands free to slide the loudspeaker cabinet as safe as possible into the bracket.



2. Versatile application


The launch of the ATEO D versions has completed the ATEO family and is now even more versatile in its use. The 16 ohm versions are available for the ATEO 2, 4 & 6, while the ATEO 4 & 6 contain a 100V line transformer, which means that the design loudspeakers can be used in larger projects as well.


3. Clean design


The mounting bracket and loudspeaker housing are designed to flow perfectly into each other, at the same time the cabling is done via the bracket instead of via the loudspeaker itself. This results in one good looking wireless entity.



4. Renovation proof


Due to the simple mounting slide system, Clevermount™ innovation, the loudspeaker can easily be taken off during paint or maintenance work


5. Free inclinable in every direction


Thanks to the CleverMount™ innovation, the loudspeaker can be placed in any horizontal or vertical direction with a simple Allen key twist hidden beneath the AUDAC logo on the front grill. This feature makes the loudspeaker stepless inclinable and allows the loudspeaker to have the most accurate audio dispersion in any situation.




ATEO2 ATEO4 ATEO6 CleverMount™