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From IoT to IoE: More Ways to Connect to Everything

The Internet of Things has started a new wave of connectedness. We have been able to connect certain common devices to the Internet that simply weren’t there before and discover new ways to interact with them. The ability to connect to — and obtain data from — the real and physical world over the Internet has amazed and inspired us.


Now, as we move further into the IoT, we are seeing that the technology has simply gotten better. From wearables, to smart objects and environments, to sensor networks, and more, our choices are increasing exponentially.


And with all the advancements and innovations, an awareness of the larger implications of connectedness has hit us — now, we are beginning to talk about the Internet of Everything. We’ll be tapping into big data from diverse sources, often outside our institutions as well as within, to help us make decisions in real time. Soon, it seems we will be able to consult nearly everything to decide anything.



The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a concept that extends the Internet of Things (IoT) emphasis on  machine-to-machine (M2M) communications to describe a more complex system that also encompasses people and processes.


The concept of the Internet of Everything originated at Cisco, who defines IoE as “the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things.” Because in the Internet of Things, all communications are between machines, IoT and M2M are sometimes considered synonymous. The more expansive IoE concept includes, besides M2M communications, machine-to-people (M2P) and technology-assisted people-to-people (P2P) interactions.



The Internet of Things, in its broadest conceptualization, includes any type of physical or virtual object or entity that can be made addressable and given the ability to transmit data without human-to-machine input – those are the things in the IoT. Things are often items that would not have been networked in the past; automation of thing communications is also central to the IoT concept. The IoE, on the other hand, also includes user-generated communications and interactions associated with the global entirety of networked devices.