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Taking Digital Signage Outdoors


The immersive digital experience has become part of modern life, from retail and advertising to transportation and entertainment. While many AV integrators have mastered those indoor, controlled environments, the next frontier is wide open and already joining the digital-display revolution.


What makes these out-of-the-box, typically outdoor AV applications challenging are the many variables that integrators and end users simply can’t control. 


Dust and dirt blowing in dry climates or from nearby construction sites, or the spongy air of high-humidity regions—not to mention curious insects and critters that can wreak havoc—can mean failure for digital signage and display installations. 


Predicting the whim of natural elements isn’t possible, but creating an installation that resists potential challenges is a solution more possible than you might think. Displays that can handle extremes in weather and other harsh conditions, operating down to -40 degrees and up to +140 degrees Fahrenheit, are already on the market for the most daring applications. 


These new outdoor TVs and displays have been specially engineered and patented to provide features such as:


  • Fully sealed housings with no external vents, exhaust fans or filters
  • An internal thermal control system to avoid component freezing and overheating
  • The ability to operate from -40° to +140°
  • A crystal-clear picture in bright sunlight
  • They also meet the criteria for the industry’s highest environmental protection ratings, confirming their ability to stay outside year-round without damage.