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Transportation Digital Signage

Transportation Digital Signage – Enrich the shopping experience with engaging content



Why Digital Signage in Transportation


As technology advances, so do the preferences and expectations of travelers and freight shippers. Travelers expect more engagement through instant alerts and updates. Meanwhile, shippers and facility operators are constantly seeking to reduce costs, streamline upkeep, and deliver accurate and real-time information to travelers.


To address these needs, the transportation industry is adopting technological innovations to improve operating efficiency and enabling instantaneous content and updates to be provided to travelers such as through deploying digital signage solutions. Transportation digital signage is the most common digital technology being utilized by key hubs of the transportation industry such as airports, bus terminals, etc.



Why Samsung Display Solutions in Transportation


Samsung transportation digital signage allows real-time information to be provided to passengers through ensuring excellent visibility and real-time content feed


  • clear visibility and reduced reflection thanks to use of its non-glare panel and anti-reflective Magic Glass.
  • enhanced readability with a high contrast ratio (5000:1) & brightness (700 nit for indoors, 3000 nit for outdoors)
  • reduced visual distractions with ultra-thin bezel videowalls and even customizable LED signage without bezel
  • real-time content updates via a database connection(DataLink solution) and content management solution


Samsung provides a reliable and trusted solution that ensures 24/7 operation and extra durability


  • sustainable and superior panel quality through use of anti-panel darkening technology
  • enhanced outdoor visibility with an ultra-low 0.5% reflection ratio with Magic Glass
  • durable and highly visible outdoor signage featuring a 110°C panel that can withstand heat under direct sunlight
  • a higher level of ingress defense & a broad operating temperature range of between -30 to 50 degrees (outdoor)
  • a dust-free outdoor signage with IP5x certified by conformal coating


A robust digital signage solution for transportation industry has been built to address all needs and requirements of transportation customers


  • a comprehensive line-up that includes indoor to outdoor LCD/LED signage, as well as products by usage, size, and brightness
  • an extensive range of outdoor signage from small to big displays complete with Samsung’s patented cooling system
  • advanced specialty products, such as stretch signage, according to your transportation needs (train/subway terminals)
  • an all-in-one, powerful graphic performance and superb seamless playback of its Tizen SoC platform




Train and subway stations


Deliver real-time information at check-in counters, timetables, route maps, in-vehicle signage, wayfinding, kiosks



Airport Digital Signage


Provide timely content through information timetables, check-in counters/kiosks, DOOH/media boards, and touchscreens wayfinders, and showcase products and promotions on duty-free shopping displays





Deliver real-time bus schedule information or schedule changes on any delays or cancellations or promote new offerings from advertisers. Advertise key promotions through digital out-of-home ads, and DOOH