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Corporate Digital Signage – Empower productivity and collaboration


Market trends

Today’s companies feel pressure to develop an environment for communication and collaboration



40% of workers will be independent
contractors by 2020

61% of workers do not even know their
company’s mission


86% of workers cite a lack of collaboration
at their workplace

*Source: Forbes, 2016 & 2017 / HR People+Strategy, 2016 / Achievers, 2015



Display solutions are a key driver of digital transformation in workplaces


Businesses need a solution that can connect team members with each other, regardless of location, centrally deliver corporate messages and provide effective training tools to employees. This solution also aims to maintain consistent productivity.


What Samsung offers?


Employees need powerful and flexible channels to exchange information and ideas. Companies wish to deliver messages to employees, partners and customers that truly resonate. Samsung deeply understood all these needs which led to the creation of corporate display solutions.






Facilitate more impacting discussion


Samsung alleviates the challenges of present-day meetings with its interactive displays – an interactive, digital flip chart and interactive witheboard that promotes steamlined collaboration.




Transform your business indeas into reality


More businesses are turning it indoor LED and video walls to enhance communication. Samsung has deep understanding to accommodate their needs and meet expectations with industry-leading technologies.




Revolutionize efficiency with design for professionals


To enhance workplace productivity, Samsung designed business monitors for professionals from the beginning. Work is now being done smartly and efficiently using a full line-up of Samsung’s business monitors.