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A residential sound system is a “must”

In the intimate space of the home, designed after all criteria of a modern and comfortable environment, what could be more pleasant than providing ambient music? Until recently, those who wished this were confronted with aesthetic problems. 

Equipment and speakers on the market were totally inappropiate with the atmosphere of a modern living often destroying all the aesthetic efforts. A music lover was faced with the problem of installing black boxes with many speakers, usually excessively high and disproportionate, choosing between alternative to override common sense esthetic or to acquire a mini-system to hide in a corner of the room.

Fortunately, today, technology has made great strides, especially in the loudspeakers range, making it possible to achieve small and stylish speakers, yet extremely powerful, sometimes more than the larger ones that we used. Thanks to brands such as Waterfall, WHD, SoundTube, SoundSphere Musaic etc., music lovers can have in their homes a modern technology.  Waterfall speakers fit perfectly with exquisite design and elegant, thanks to glass, leather Napa and aluminum accessories of which they are made.

A model of Wireless HiFi speaker, very ingenious and clever that can integrate with most major online streaming applications is Musaic. It can be used also as a lighting control system around the house.  For larger spaces – living rooms over 30 square meters,  Niagara  speaker from Waterfall Audio can be a great choice, integrable in any modern design. Lush and elegant design, but also the enclosure solidity with perfect lines and balanced proportions, clear and undistorted sound, exceeding all expectations.