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QLED 8K Signage – Perfect Reality for your Business

As our screens get bigger, so does our resolution


Screen sizes are growing and signage over 65” is becoming overrated as businesses aim to offer more impacting and differentiated experiences to customers. With a display this big, are you sure 4K imagery is enough?



On 82” displays, 4K just doesn’t quite cut it anymore, as you can spot the pixels when up close. With 33 million pixels, QLED 8K signage delivers pixel-less imagery no matter where you are standing.

* PPI (Pixel Per Inch) : Measurement representing the number of pixels by screen inch



Top 3 features


  • True 8K Resolution – Let your viewers see the bigger picture and not the pixels.
  • 8K AI Upscaling – Ensure your content is showcased in glorious 8K resolution – even if it’s not filmed in 8K.
  • Quantum Processor 8K – Achieve stunning 8K detail thanks to a machine-learning processor.



AI Upscaling for stunning visuals


Next-gen AI powers the machine learning of QLED’s Quantum Processor 8K, leaving you with clearer pictures, improved resolution and a memorable viewing experience while allowing for upscaling from a lower resolution.


AI upscaling: Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. It may not apply to PC connections and certain conditions of Game Mode.



True immersion from a massive 8K screen


No more overly complex multi-screens needed now that you have one big 8K screen, and with no potential resolution loss. The end result is an immersive visual experience with no distractions from the bezels of multi-screen setups.



Powerful performance for compelling content


Samsung’s QLED 8K Signage is driven by a powerful system on chip (SoC) platform that supports an embedded 8K content player. Enhanced HTML5 compatibility is a big added bonus for users seeking to display web content.



Precise attention to detail and minimalism


Samsung QLED 8K’s minimal design aesthetically enhances or even blends with any customer environment, plus One Invisible Connection functionality ensures a tidy setup and operating environment.



Visually dynamic for all business needs


QLED 8K signage is perfectly suited for workspaces and customer-facing situations where the visual experience is most critical while ensuring the versatility to visually feed from multiple sources at the same time.