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Samsung DOOH – Deliver dynamic messages in real time

Market trends


DOOH (Digital out-of-home) advertising is a key component for industry growth, while traditional OOH remains steady



of OOH advertising revenue will go to digital in 2021 while it’s 1/3 in 2016


of top 100 OOH advertiser x2(doubled) spending from 3Q 2016 to 3Q 2017


Global DooH media revenues up 13% in 2017


Display solutions are an essential resolution to enable dynamic messaging experiences in real-time


To captivate the audience’s attention, digital display solutions can help advertisers to stand out from the competition with real-time dynamic messaging and viewing experience. That improves upon merely delivering information to facilitate merchandising.




What Samsung offers


Samsung, the #1 global digital signage solution provider, offers a comprehensive portfolio of display solutions for a wide array of indoor and outdoor applications, including billboards, street furniture, entrance, moving walks, way-finding and ad-case solutions.







Deliver highly engaging advertising content


Vibrant outdoor LEDs reinvent the billboard experience for consumers with state-of-the-art technology, while brands gain a more absorbing connection with their customers.



Street Furniture / Bus Shelters

Capture viewer attentions and increase advertising revenue


Vivid outdoor LEDs and standalone signage entertain and inform with dynamic ads. Waiting passengers are delivered visually engaging content from multiple brands, compelling brand interactions and purchases.



Entrance & Moving Walks

Enhance customer experience with rich digital content


Indoor LEDs and video wall displays encourage consumers to enter and browse. Doohers can display sales items, new product lines and provide incentives for pedestrians to come in and shop.




Drive customer engagement and purchases


Standalone signage entices visitors to watch, learn and interact anywhere – whether in a mall, airport or another venue. Compelling ad content can drive customers to a specific store or encourage visitors to scan a QR code and buy online.




Inform and entertain customers with interactive content


Standalone signage and interactive displays assist and guide guests and enhance the customer experience in high-traffic areas with easy-to-find information, which helps make shopping experiences more enjoyable and airports easier to navigate.



Management solution

Manage devices and connect with ease


Samsung MagicINFO and Smart Signage Platform(SSSP) provide comprehensive control to users. Users can create and update the information and ad contents easily and as needed.