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Display solutions for improving learning experience and school environment



Market trends


The wave of digital transformation is changing the classroom from the beginning



  • Classroom set of devices

Schools equip IT devices in the classroom. Students no longer have to go to the lab for access to a computer or laptop


  • Redesign learning spaces

Educators have created collaborative-friendly spaces to facilitate student learning. 21st-century classrooms are SMART Boards


  • AR / VR / MR

Transformative technologies like augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are succeeding in making learning collaborative and interactive


  • Gamification

Gaming technology makes learning difficult subject matter more exciting and interactive. The technology is now being used in every discipline


Display solutions are a key driver to accelerate digitalization of school environment


Schools require a solution that can improve the learning experience and student engagement. Display solutions provide intuitive usability and connectivity with classroom equipment and devices of students and teachers.


  • Improve learning experience
  • Display community highlight
  • Enhance student engagement


What Samsung offers


In today’s society, students, parents and teachers are inundated with educational information. To keep everyone informed, the educational sector has begun to incorporate digital signage in the classrooms. Samsung provides a full line-up of displays and solutions that modern schools require.




  • Learn

Facilitate more impactful lecture experience


Flip, a Samsung’s digital flip chart allows for presenting lessons and conducting interactive learning sessions. QBH-TR, another option, is an interactive board with UHD screens in large format immersive sessions


  • Display

Promote and notify of school activities


Samsung’s standalone and outdoor signage delivers school’s and communities messages by using innovative technology which projects clear and crisp text and images in any environment.



  • Engagement

Increase the audience’s attention and involvement


Samsung’s indoor LEDs and video wall displays encourage attendees to participate during social forums at schools. Clear information is easily seen on large screens and improves attendee’s understanding of content.


  • Solution

Manage displays and content comprehensively


Samsung MagicINFO and Smart Signage Platform(SSSP) provide comprehensive control to the teachers and administration at schools. Users can create and update content easily and as needed.