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Display solutions for providing real-time information in airports

Market trends


It’s more important than ever to provide real-time information and personalized contents to passengers in airport.



Display solutions are an essential resolution to provide passengers with a seamless experience


Airports have challenges with providing precise information, promoting shopping and F&B messages to increase revenue, and maintaining operational excellency for airport performance and operating profit. Effective displays can help address that.



What Samsung offers


As airports have grown larger and passenger numbers have increased, it is imperative that information delivered to travelers is concise, increasing traveler satisfaction. Samsung’s wide range of digital displays allows airports to always deliver the most up-to-date and accurate information to travelers.


Parking lot / Bus shelter

Provide directional information to passengers


Outdoor signage and outdoor LED display provide directions to travelers while looking for a place to park or the location to be dropped off.



Airport entrance

Captivate the attention of passengers through immersive displays


Outdoor signage and outdoor LED displays provide details like parking lot info, terminal direction and businesses located in the airport worth visiting. Outdoor LEDs present vivid content that allows for advertising for non-aeronautical businesses generating additional revenue.



Flight information / Way-finding

Present real-time information to passengers


Standalone signage, indoor LED signage and video walls provide the most up-to-date gate and flight times to passengers. Interactive displays provide detalied information to travelers, enhancetheir understanding of the airport and reduce pinch points.



Check-in / Self check-in

Display precise information to help passengers


Standalone signage gives travelers directions to the airline counter. With interactive displays, travelers are allowed to check into their flight themselves. Curved monitors also increase CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) operators’ productivity.



Security check

Make the procedure clear and comfortable


Entering the security line is always a dreaded experience for all. However, standalone signage provides detailed information to travelers about security procedures and open aisles to ease the process.



Duty-free shops & restaurants

Attract passengers with eye-catching messages


Standalone signage and indoor LEDs provide promotional content from shops, events or city information. Restaurants or pubs incorporate video walls into their stores, utilizing them as digital menu boards.