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How Real-time Occupancy Helps You Keep Your Customers Safe


As governments worldwide work to implement safety measures in the battle against COVID-19, physical distancing has come into play, to become an integral part in preventing the spread of COVID-19.


The current pandemic outbreak has, without doubt, accelerated the transformation in the retail analytics business, and the need for a smart solution is in increasing demand worldwide.


Complying with respective regulations and providing a safe environment for concerned customers is the key to keeping stores and supermarkets safe and open, and essential for the upcoming phase of reopening retail businesses to the public once more. For retail stores and supermarkets, in particular, it is now more important than ever to ensure the safety of both customers and employees and to prevent overcrowding.


VCARE is a real-time occupancy monitoring solution that can help businesses ensure that everyone has the space they need to remain safe. V-Count’s live occupancy sensors can accurately measure people’s flow, which makes it easy to manage the people waiting outside the store to ensure safety.


Using highly accurate live occupancy counting sensors, VCARE provides live occupancy data with clear visual warnings and alerts when limits are reached. VCARE is suitable for buildings of any size, and installation is fast and easy. Advanced settings also allow staff members to be excluded from the occupancy count whenever required.



V-Count’s live occupancy solution enables retail businesses and supermarkets to comply with capacity regulations and provide a safe environment for customers without risking any further spread of the virus through exposed staff or physical tickets. A simple screen at the entrance is enough to communicate safety recommendations to customers.


With VCARE, retailers and supermarkets can achieve countless benefits: