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Top 6 garden speakers that blends perfectly into decor

These days homeowners and designers seem to prefer for audio and video systems to blend into a room, concealing the system so that the design is what stands out – not the entertainment systems. The same can be said for outdoor living spaces. Nothing ruins a landscape like bulky speakers from an outdoor sound system. Fortunately, more manufacturers are creating solutions that blend into the landscape.


Rockustics was the first company to create outdoor speakers as flower planters – and they still lead the pack with the innovative Garden Series.


Here are some options that will let you enjoy your tunes in style while relaxing on the patio, in the garden or by the pool.


Planter – This attractive, footed, rectangle planter and coaxial speaker would fit nicely and unnoticed on any deck or pool surround, giving off soft music while petunias grow in the pot above and trail over the side.

OmniPlante 5.25 – This round flower pot design and coaxial speaker doesn’t just give out audio, but sends it in every direction – 360 degrees to be exact! This speaker would work well in the center section of a backyard.

CocoNutz – Some homeowners may have a large outdoor area, but not much available floor space for speakers. In this instance Rockustics has an alternative style of speaker just for them – the award-winning CocoNutz.

HT-PowerRock – this high power speaker (250W / 8 ohm) with attractive design provides excellent sound quality. It is suitable for large gardens, terraces, pools and other outdoor relaxation areas.

SPF-85 – this omnidirectional outdoor speaker delivers maximum coverage area per speaker in a durable, in-ground enclosure design. SPF-85 easily withstand collisions with mowers, and abuse from other outdoor equipment.

SurroundStone 5 – 5.25″ Coaxial 360° Rock Speaker Offering omni-directional sound from a 2-way speaker with multiple transformer options. Inconspicuous and ideal for placement in flower and plant beds.


Summer is coming! Have you thought about a sound system for your landscape? The skilled technicians at RomAudioVideo can work with you to create the outdoor audio system you’ve always wanted. Contact us for more information.