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Everything You Need to Know about Bluetooth Speakers

The advent of technology continually brings innovation to people’s lives. Stuff gets super handy especially the music box. It was not so long ago that when we think of speakers what comes to our minds first are big huge boxes. Today, small portable speakers can match the amazing sound quality of those conventional speakers. More than that, anyone can play music just anywhere with the wireless technology. The mobile phones have this popular Bluetooth function now connects you the newest scientific sound technology of Bluetooth speakers.



ABCs of Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth uses a wireless communication technology to connect with other devices with ease allowing transfer of files and data. Also, it can be used to control other devices to tap the selection modes and volume adjustments.

Apple Airplay and Bluetooth

Before going further into the details about the Bluetooth speakers, it’s good to give clear insights of the distinctions between Bluetooth and Airplay. People seem to use these two interchangeably when in fact there are some differences.

One, the Apple Airplay is only specific to Apple gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, etc whereas Bluetooth is a common function found in other devices like Android phones, tablets and laptops. Moreover, Apple Airplay utilizes 300 feet stream Wi-Fi signal versus 30 feet signal coming from Bluetooth device. And since the former have the Bluetooth function, anyone can make use of it to connect with Bluetooth speakers.

Efficient without Spatial Restrictions

The Bluetooth technology on these speakers allows users to establish a stable connection between devices without worrying about interference and any other reception concerns. Each unit is highly portable that you won’t have to fiddle around nasty cable wires and adapters. Bluetooth speakers are very easy to use and do not require installation.

Perfect for Outdoor Trips

Bluetooth Speakers have alternative power source so you can always bring to camping, tours, picnics and family outings. They pair up with cellular phones which make controls accessible and handy. Anyone can start listening to music in no time.

Important factors to Consider in Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker

1. Small Bluetooth speakers are purposely designed for portability so you can bring it anywhere on your trips. Buy this device along with a protective case with strap. Cases protect the device from scratches and shock in case of accidental fall. There are also available water resistant cases for Bluetooth speakers.

2. Choose the speaker that uses rechargeable batteries instead of AA or Triple “A” batteries for long-lasting power.

3. Pick the ones with multi-functions. Sometimes, you may not want to use Bluetooth hence see to it that the device comes with a useful cable or wire connection.

4. Get those speakers that have USB port to allow you to charge batteries from other sources.

5. Avoid very cheap Bluetooth speakers as most of them are substandard. Be sure to check on the specifications and do your research before rushing to buy from stores. Compare prices from different dealers. Some models are sold at discounted price yet deliver the same quality sound.

6.  Read reviews and hear from other people. Comments and feedback from products may be useful in choosing the best Bluetooth speaker for you.