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How Hand Sanitizer Drives Safety and Connectivity in the Workplace

As we return to the workplace, we are looking at new technologies that help us achieve the goal of keeping our employees healthy and safe while engaging those still working from home. Achieving that goal is assisted by cleaning our hands and having accurate, up-to-date information to prevent the spread of rumors or panic.



Keeping our hands clean is one of the best things we can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have all come to realize just how many items we touch in a day, so sanitizing common workspace high-touch elements is important. Individual hand washing or hand sanitizer usage adds another layer of protection and safety to this goal. Ditch the giant communal jug with a safer, touch-free option – one that can remind employees to use the sanitizer.


The Allsee Hand Sanitiser Network Android Advertising Display comes equipped with a 22” digital signage display, enabling you to broadcast your corporate message and important reminders to those in the office. The device can be wall-mounted or placed on a floor stand for portability and can be wrapped to match your corporate brand. With policies changing faster than ever before, the Hand Sanitiser Network Android Advertising Display combines a valuable resource with the information your workforce needs.



While hand sanitizer is among the most valuable resources of 2020, it’s possible that information is even more valuable. With policies that can change faster than you can order a pizza, tools to distribute that information are critical. Not that I have ever completely ignored any emails from HR, but with the Allsee Hand Sanitiser Network Android Advertising Display , you can combine the messaging on your digital signage with a closer-to-home (quite literally, for employees working remotely) delivery method.


The Allsee Hand Sanitiser Network Android Advertising Display is a desktop solution that can keep remote-working staff aware of all company announcements, news, and other live information in real time. Scheduled messaging enables you to keep employees engaged with company activities while emergency notifications can be used to widely broadcast crucial alerts.


It’s fair to say that 2020 hasn’t turned out like anyone expected. Rise to the challenge with some germ-killing information and stay healthy.