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13 must-haves when you buy a video wall

Video walls are important communication tools for many businesses, but the process of purchasing and installing the right display has not always been easy. Delivery, installation and calibration all bring potential hazards and complications. From the moment the display leaves the factory, it’s exposed to potential damage from shipment and delivery and even unboxing. Once delivered, the thickness of the bezel and weight of the displays can make it difficult to install. Even after displays are in place, calibration can bring a whole new set of challenges, making it difficult and time-consuming to achieve perfect uniformity.


Samsung’s VHR-R displays are designed to address the most common pain points with delivering, designing, installing and calibrating so you can easily create the beautiful video walls your business needs with the world’s leading display technology.


It’s the time to meet Samsung VHR-R video wall!



Delivered in certified-safe packaging, VHR-R features a flexible display design and built-in factory calibration to simplify installation. Exceptionally narrow bezels and Samsung’s powerful picture quality technology ensure the display is impactful from every angle, no matter where it’s installed. Mobile calibration and IPX5-certification enable businesses to deliver powerful messages for years to come. From product delivery to installation, ongoing operation and maintenance, VHR-R displays are guaranteed to deliver captivating content for the entire lifespan of the product.


From logistics to maintenance, and every step in between, VHR-R video wall displays deliver an outstanding result with the most important features.


If you’re considering installing a video wall, be sure to consider these 13 key features.


1. ISTA-6


VHR-R displays are delivered in specialized packaging which has passed a rigorous 4-step test in an International Safe Transit Association-certified laboratory, to ensure the display has been protected from any potential damage during transportation and delivery. This means from the moment it arrives, you can be confident the display is ready to go, straight out the box.



2. Improved unboxing process


As simple as it may seem, the process of removing a display from its box my actually cause additional damage. VHR-R display boxes have been specially designed to open in a way that helps minimize any additional damage during unboxing.



3. Sleek and flexible design


With an elevated, modern design aesthetic, and an ultra-slim cabinet depth of less than 70 mm, VHR-R displays provide flexibility in installation, freeing up space and ensuring video walls can be placed in the most impactful location possible for the user. The thoughtful design of the display not only saves space, but also creates a clean and modern look, elevating the ambiance of everything from retail stores to hotels and more.



4. Factory Calibration


Samsung displays undergo a rigorous multi-step factory calibration process to ensure uniform brightness and color expression across all display cabinets. To maintain consistent brightness and color uniformity over time, or after any required maintenance, users can also utilize Samsung’sColor Expert Pro, a powerful free software program.



5. Daisy chain support up to UHD Resolution


VHR-R displays take advantage of Samsung’s years of technology development to provide a captivating UHD viewing experience, utilizing the industry’s best engineering techniques. With daisy chain design using DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI ports, installers can create displays that project UHD content across multiple screens without the need for UHD splitters or graphics cards.



6. RNB 0.44mm


Exceptionally narrow 0.44 mm even bezels eliminate the unnecessary distraction of image distortion for viewers. The more immersive viewing experience provided by drastically narrower bezels ensures business content is always front and center, creating a more captivating and elevated experience for viewers.



7. Non glare


Conventional video wall displays can appear washed out in many environments due to the wide range of ambient or direct light in the room. VHR-R displays feature specialized non-glare panels ensuring better visibility regardless of any light in the room.



8. Picture quality technology


Samsung is a recognized industry leader in picture quality with image technology that delivers clear and vibrant images in any location. VHR-R displays feature Picture Enhancer mode which adjusts the gamma curve for improved color saturation and contrast. Black Equalizer mode also helps bring the details out in dark images.



9. Wide Viewing angle


Video walls are often used in scenarios where displays must be seen by many people, all viewing from different angles. VHR-R displays ensure all viewers can get clear and accurate information regardless of the video wall layout or the viewer location thanks to the wide viewing angles of the display.



10. 700 nit brightness


From delivering clear information in commuter terminals to grabbing the attention of potential customers, a video wall’s brilliance is key to conveying the desired information clearly. With 700 nit brightness, VHR-R displays can deliver highly visible content regardless of ambient light or the display location.



11. IP5X


VHR-R displays’ IP5X certification ensures businesses will have displays that stand the test of time. Resistant to both dust and water, the displays are certified to consistently operate in a wide variety of environments and conditions.



12. EMC Class B


VHR-R displays are also EMC class B compliant, meaning each component meets strict standards for electromagnetic wave emissions. Users can rest assured displays provide a safe environment for all viewers.



13. Mobile Calibration


VHR-R displays are compatible with Samsung’s Color Expert Pro Mobile solution which provides a simplified calibration process utilizing a smartphone camera. Without the need for any additional equipment, users can adjust white balance and ensure individual cabinets are delivering consistent images.