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With this release of the AUDAC Touch™ 2.0. update, AUDAC is introducing several ground-breaking new features. Here is a complete list of everything that’s new in AUDAC Touch™ 2:

Automatic device discovery

Adding your AUDAC devices has never been this easy! The automatic device discovery will automatically recognize all devices in your system, guaranteeing an easy and rapid setup of your own custom dashboard.

Mixing functionality for M2

AUDAC Touch™ 2 allows you now to use all possible control functions, including the most advanced mixing capabilities of the M2 multimedia digital audio mixer from any smart device.

Free scalable and placeable widgets

Create your own dashboard, AUDAC Touch™ 2 is 100% customizable which guarantees fully flexible positioning and scaling of a very wide range of different widgets.

NMP40 audio streaming SourceCon™ module support

The NMP40 audio streaming SourceCon™ module is designed to bring the world’s first total streaming solution for both residential and commercial applications, thanks to the collaboration with Spotify™ and Soundtrack Your Brand© integration. This revolutionary music experience is fully integrated in AUDAC Touch™ 2.

Future proof

By rebuilding the app from the ground up using the most powerful software platforms available today, we not only achieved an ultra-fast response time, but we also ensured that this system is ready to handle the most advanced ideas to come.