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Audio-Technica ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System

The ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System gives you reliable, crystal-clear speech reproduction from a scalable, feature-rich system that couldn’t be simpler to set up and use. Offering plug-and-play functionality via standard category cable, 24-bit digital audio, four-track recording, remote web operation from a computer or tablet, two interpretation channels, and more, the ATUC-50 is equipped to handle any number of applications – from meeting rooms and conference halls to councils and classrooms.

Up to 50 of the system’s discussion units, each with an accompanying 16.9″ or 22.8″ gooseneck microphone, can be connected to the rack-mountable control unit, and arranged in either chain or (for increased reliability through redundancy) ring topology. Plus, two or three control units can be linked together in order to accommodate gatherings of up to 150 people. The ATUC-50 easily adapts to any situation.