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B-Tech BT8390-AAC: support for curved videowall and menu boards

This support uses the System X mounting technology and offers an angle capacity of up to 45º. It is ideal for assembling videowalls and menu boards in curved configurations.

B-Tech AV Mounts has developed an angled support that allows for creative and curved installations using its System X mounting technology.

The BT8390-AAC (Angle Adjustment Connector) is fixed between two System X rails to provide an angular joint. With an angle capacity of up to 45 °, the connector is ideal for assembling videowalls and menu boards in curved configurations. The installation is carried out without problems with integrated assembly guides that help to carry out a fast and safe process.

This solution has been designed by B-Tech to meet the demand of the growing number of screens installed with curved configurations, as explained by the director of business development Mark Walker. 

“La señalización digital es algo habitual y los usuarios finales quieren pantallas y diseños que llamen la atención y sobresalgan de los normal. Creative screens, such as curved stair signage or wraparound menu boards, offer strong focal points by providing something different to a single flat digital canvas. We wanted to offer a solution that facilitates the assembly process of curved and creative screens, and our angle adjustment connector does just that”

In addition to the B-Tech angle adjustment connector, the curved menu board BT8333 and the new curved videowall range will soon be available. The BT8373, BT8374, BT8375 and BT8376 models use B-Tech’s basic range to offer independent, mobile and screw-down options and are preconfigured with their angle bracket, which allows installers to have a curved videowall solution ready to use ‘(out of the box).