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ClearOne Announces Aura Pre-Packaged Solutions for Remote Work

ClearOne has introduced Aura, a range of enterprise-quality audio, video, and audio-video solutions designed specifically for remote workers. The good-better-best packages include a lifetime subscription to COLLABORATE Space, the company’s video collaboration app.

Available direct to remote working professionals or from qualified ClearOne resellers, Aura solutions deliver high-quality audio and video technology through a variety of professional microphone, audio conferencing, videoconferencing, camera, and collaboration component choices that optimize home office acoustic and aesthetic aspirations.

“COVID will not be with us forever but the changes it has brought to the workplace will be,” said ClearOne chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu. “Home has become the new office for tens of millions of professionals who now need a work environment every bit as productive as their corporate office. Aura was developed to deliver that much-needed enterprise quality experience in the home. For homeowners, prospective homebuyers, builders, architects, and designers, the purpose-built home office is rapidly replacing the home theater in importance.”

According to Hakimoglu, an estimated 75 percent of employers now planning to make remote work permanent for some percentage of their employees.

With ClearOne Aura, remote working professionals can conduct more meetings and increase collaboration, improve quality of communication to bolster efficiency, and create long-term value for an alternative business workspace at home.