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Dante™ Speakers from SoundTube are now available

End to end digital, easy to set up and manage, very low latency.

SoundTube’s installed Dante™ speakers are now in stock and ready for use in your next networked audio project. In-ceiling and surface-mount units are available. We also have IPD4 speakers, unique versions that give you an economical way to expand audio coverage through use of standard SoundTube speakers in conjunction with a Dante speaker.

With SoundTube IPD speakers, you have a digital signal all the way to the end point in your system, and the speakers are powered over Ethernet. There’s no need for D/A units or amplifiers at the speakers. Setup and management of the speakers – audio feed, zoning, EQ, volume etc. – is all done centrally, which gives you immense flexibility in the configuration of your audio system. And, if system requirements change, there’s no need to pull new wires to the speakers… just make the adjustments on your computer.

SoundTube IPD speakers have very low latency, making them ideal for both music and PA applications. Based on our popular CM-BGM series, our in-ceiling models have superb musicality and broad, even sonic coverage thanks to our BroadBeam Ring™ technology. The IPD-SM500i-II, which uses our patented BroadBeam™ dispersion, allows surface-mount installation in corners, on walls or on poles, and its patented low-profile mounting system allows you to aim the speaker in any direction.

SoundTube also offer a unique way to expand audio coverage in a networked audio system. IPD4 Master speakers allow connection of up to three standard SoundTube BGM models at each IPD4 unit. Two channels of audio plus output power are available at each IPD4. IPD4 speakers must be sonically matched with the appropriate SoundTube BGM unit: the IPD4-CM52-BGM pairs with standard CM52-BGM speakers; the IPD4-CM62-BGM pairs with standard CM62-BGMs. With IPD4 speakers, you have the advantage of a digital audio feed to a room, combined with the ability to use more economical speakers to fully cover that room.