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TOA’s F-Series Ceiling Speaker Are Now EN 54 Certified

TOA’s F-Series Ceiling Speaker Are Now EN 54 Certified

Expanded listening coverage area through extra-wide dispersion characteristics.

These ceiling-mount speakers have been designed and engineered to overcome some of the limiting factors that have been associated with conventional ceiling-mount speakers.

Now, you can also install this excellent speaker with every system compliant to EN 54 standards.

F-Series Ceiling Speaker EN 54-24 Certified

Most noticeable has always been the high-frequency roll-off that resulted from limited speaker dispersion characteristics. The F-Series provides well-balanced audio reproduction without treble attenuation over an expanded listening area thanks to the extra-wide dispersion characteristics that are part of the overall speaker design.

Perceived speaker directionality and beaming tendencies are minimised, resulting in a natural, well-balanced sound over a wide area at all levels without any hot spot of high frequencies directly under the speaker.

Conventional speakers exhibit high frequency roll-off characteristics as the distance between speaker and listener increases. An ideal ceiling-mounted speaker‘s response characteristics should include wide dispersion and non-frequency dependent directionality and this ceiling speaker series proves that.

F-Series speakers at a glance:

  • High quality sound over a wide area with fewer speakers, reduces cabling and installation expenses
  • Designed to blend into ceilings with a smooth, low-profile design
  • Extra ease of use and higher cost-effectiveness with the metal back can enclosure for the speaker rear (F-2352CEN, F-2852CEN, F-2322CEN models)
  • Fire-resistant baffles and rims according to UL94 V-0, plus steel punched net